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Stay Ahead of the Curve – Dive Into TRENDVISION's 2025 Home Furnishing Forecast!

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Step into 2025 with TRENDVISION's essential forecast, your guide to the latest in color & mood trends. This book offers exclusive moodboards, color palettes, and insights from retail and runway, equipping you to lead your design team.

With our report, you don't just follow trends — you define them.

Inspire Your Vision:

Embark on a journey of discovery with our trend reports. Stay ahead of the curve with insights that spark creativity and inspire your next big idea.

Create With Confidence:

Dive into our trend themes for an endless amount of inspiration. Craft your designs with a foundation built on informed, creative decisions.

Innovate Your Market:

Redefine the industry standard with our forward-thinking insights from global retail and runway events. Lead your product development team with trends that not only meet but set new market expectations.

Hi there, Danny Naz & Alex Ortiz here! 👋🏼

Danny Naz serves as our Brand and Content Strategist, masterfully blending over 20 years of marketing and copywriting experience. His exceptional skill in crafting eloquent messaging and deep-rooted industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset to our team and our clients alike. More than just a strategist, Danny is our navigational beacon through the complex terrain of branding and consumer engagement. His work has directly contributed to achieving an impressive $10 million in sales. Danny Naz is not just a strategist; he's the architect of brand stories that resonate and engage.

Alex Ortiz stands as the creative force behind our design team, infusing over 25 years of fashion and home furnishing experience into each project. With an MFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design, she orchestrates the visual symphony of our brand's story. Alex's expertise in trend forecasting and a robust approach to consumer-centric design have solidified our strategic vision, elevating our creative execution to remarkable heights. Her capacity to merge historical motifs with cutting-edge trends has not only enriched our design archives but has also been a cornerstone in developing trend-setting artworks. Alex Ortiz isn't just a Creative Director; she's a visionary shaping the pulse of design with every color, pattern, and texture she brings to life.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

"Alex, a top-tier professional designer, excels in creativity and efficiency. Her personable and organized approach at Creativo consistently delivers exceptional work swiftly, especially under tight deadlines. I highly recommended Creativo for their expertise and reliability."

- Deena White


"Alex and the Creativo team excel in trend and design, adeptly integrating current fashion trends into prints and patterns for the industry. Their blend of creativity, unwavering customer service, and positive approach, even under tight deadlines, sets them apart as true professionals."

- Stacy Wilson


"In a decade collaborating with Creativo, Dan's leadership and mastery in trend and color insights in fashion and home furnishing have been transformative. Their skill in applying trends strategically has propelled Creativo to global acclaim, solidifying its reputation for leading-edge design and creative excellence."

- Jonathan Bod - OPR


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